The Brand

The guiding principle of Continuum is the skilful combination of timeless design and traditional ways of watchmaking. Result of this combination are unique watches, which are distinguished by their high quality and long durability. Trends come and go, but Continuum watches are always in fashion and are therefore appreciated as reliable timekeeping instruments which safely guide you through everyday life. The brand has its headquarters in the Schwarzwald region, which has been famous for its watch manufacturers for hundreds of years. Joining their ranks, Continuum has specialised in the manufacturing of automatic and quartz watches. With our selected international partners, we create watches with the greatest passion. In the creation process of timelessly stylish accessories our designers get inspired by classical shapes and forms. Merging them with the newest technology they end up creating small works of art which become a highlight on the wearer’s wrist.

Each step in the manufacturing process is aimed towards the making of fascinating time measuring instruments that represent the exquisite sense of style and elegance of the wearer. Continuum attaches particular importance to the selection of fine materials. Equally important is the use of the latest technical achievements of our time in order to optimize the design of the watches and thus to be able to offer customers a high-precision and high-quality timepiece. Developed with the same principles in mind, the watch winders, wallets and business bags are equally well-made high-class accessories.

Pure elegance, innovation and fascination – This is what Continuum stands for.